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1. Visualize it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting your driver on a long par 5 or hitting your 9-iron on a short par 3. Wherever you are, you need to visualize the shot before you take it.

2. Ask yourself these questions

Does this tee shot require a draw, a fade, or does it need to be sent straight down the fairway? Do I need to keep the ball low because of wind, or can I play with some height? Are there hazards or obstacles that I need to avoid?

3. Select the right club

You must see it and be it, and until you visualize your success, you can’t make the right club choice. That’s why asking the questions above of yourself are instrumental to your success.

4. Understand the limitations of your clubs

Only the experts can smash a ball successfully. For amateur golfers though, that doesn’t work. For more distance, focus on swinging the club faster, not harder. By increasing your clubhead speed, you’ll be impressed with how many more yards you can add.

5. Use the right tee height

Don’t tee your ball up too high or too low. Too low, and you’ll hit the ground or even give the ball too vertical a bias. Too high, and your clubhead will go underneath the ball which results in bad shots.

6. Quiet your mind

Learn to turn off the mental din in your head and focus. Staying calm and quiet is essential to playing a good game of golf. Before each game, go through a routine that calms and quiets your mind. It could be 4 or 5 very simple things you do every time before you step up to your ball. By doing them each time, it will become a ritual and will help you hone in your focus.


Posted 8 February, 2017 by E. Marino in Notes, Tips

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