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Fault: Slicing, caused by pulling the club across the line
Fix: Raise your lead heel as you deliver the club

fryer-sliceThe slice typically starts with the development of an out-to-in attack path. This swing path makes it difficult to rotate the club face back to square consistently, resulting in slices and pulled shots.

While any number of things can cause the over-the-top swing shape, it can only take place if your weight movement allows it to. The slicer turns too early into the lead heel or ‘spins out’. Attack this tendency and you can change your swing pattern. Here’s the four key things to remember when you’re trying to fix it:

  1. Chest-on attack
    Thrust weight into your lead heel early in the downswing and you can get chest-on, attacking the ball from outside the line (see picture above).
  2. Raise the heel
    Swing to the top, allowing your lead heel to raise slightly. But as you move into the downswing, keep it raised.
  3. Hold position
    With your lead heel raised, your lead side is primed to hold its position throughout the downswing. By delaying the turn back through the arms can drop the club more on an inside path, promoting a squarer delivery of the club.
  4. Train the move
    You can use this drill on the course, but try it in practice first. It takes a few shots to get used to the feeling of pressure increasing under the ball of the foot. But in time, work the feeling into your regular, full- speed action.

Posted 11 July, 2017 by E. Marino in Tips, Today´s Golfer

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